2017 Trail Work

We have a lot of work ahead for our 2017 season. We are making a new boardwalk at Maribel over a wet section and building up our Table Top along with maintaining and grooming. Please help out when you can. Thanks!!.

Trail Cleaners Needed!!!

Camp Vits River Trail Update 9-28


Mountain Bike Tee

We are selling this tee for $20. All money raised will go towards our trail systems. Please let me know if you want one or a few. Thanks! -Wade- 920.905.2809


Camp Vits + Maribel = AWESOME!!!

Camp Vits Trail Building update 8-25-16

Camp Vits: 8-24-16 update

Camp Vits River Tail Update Aug 17th

Camp Vits River Tail Update

Face Slappers

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